How to deal with the dreaded question

Updated: Mar 16

‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

The most dreaded question we all hate to face, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”.

I am very sure many of you have had an adult approach you at some point, asking this very question. Yet they never seem to be satisfied with your answer if its not a huge successful role...especially if you answered “I don’t know” 😅

Once you hit college/university stage of life, you realize you may not want to be just one thing or go down one path. You can be open minded, keep your options wide, and most certainly go with the flow.

What Society Says

Society makes it out though, that we must pick our career paths from the age of 5 and stick with it all the way through to adulthood. However, the reality is you are allowed to be confused, unsure and know its ok to feel that way. You’re not alone, trust me.

We think about the ideal future all the time, where we’ll live, which school we’ll attend, what kind of person we’ll marry and how many kids we’ll have. These ideas may inspire you to set goals towards the perfect career path...HOWEVER, the danger of these plans is that they can give us tunnel vision, blinding us to any other opportunities. We don’t know how time and circumstances will change, what we want or even who we want to become. Setting our lives in stone can give us the right directions BUT to the wrong destination.

The truthful answer

What we want to be when we grow up is something we learn about everyday, rather than seeing a career path as the only answer to this question or believing the job you take becomes your identity.

e.g. You decide to be a doctor, "that's it I AM a doctor," absolutely incorrect. Life is so much bigger, as we grow and navigate through this journey we realize there are so many more opportunities to explore. There are so many more answers to this question. You may grow up to be a mother/farther, just a person of integrity, or the dream job might not even exist yet.

The world is developing and growing faster than ever, new opportunities are arising every single day. Who knows, you might just find your passion and skills could be highly appreciated and the perfect fit to something you don’t even know about yet. Trust in the process, and let those question seekers know that there is no one answer for the most dreaded question.

It’s ok not to know yet, navigate life as you grow!

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