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Need support?


We all do! 

We know its hard to get support as a student, so we're trying to make it better available to you.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a substitute for professional mental health care. 




Don't know how to start improving your mental health? Does no adult you know understand? 

Get support yourself

easily at Cortex.


Or does your school counselor just not get it? Everything we do at Cortex is overseen by youth (& of course, actual professionals).

We won't tell you to just get over it. 


Does trying to improve your mental health make your mental health worse, because it's so difficult?

Our process is super simple.



Academic Wellness 👩‍🎓

Exam anxiety, time management, and everything else you might need to navigate school and life. 

Physical Wellness 🏋️‍♀️

Our physical wellbeing influences our mental wellbeing more than we may even realize.

Social Wellness 💃

Navigating dRaMa, building meaningful friendships, and supporting each other.

Crisis Resources ->

Cortex does not provide mental illness support. Please use these resources if you are struggling. 

Emotional Wellness 🥴

Emotions can be emotional. Learning about them can help raise your self-awareness. 

Lifestyle Wellness😎

Exploring hobbies, understanding career anxiety, and setting meaningful goals improves wellbeing. 

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